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travel yoga for small spaces

Travel Yoga for Small Spaces: Grounding Practice

Welcome to a travel yoga for small spaces practice! The focus for this class is on grounding. If you’re new to this blog or to my journey, you might not know that my partner and I spent about two years backpacking around the globe. For the first...
new moon yoga

New Moon Practice: Tune In + Set Intentions

I’ve recently gotten more interested the phases of the moon. Namely, how I can align my life and practices with the phases of the moon. I thought you might like to come on this ride with me. If you'd like to skip straight to the new moon yoga...
release fear + embrace love

Release Fear + Embrace Love

Are you ready to release fear and embrace love? Perfect, because that’s what we’re jamming on! Two Basic Emotions I once read that we have two basic human emotions - fear and love. That all of our negative emotions are deeply rooted in fear, and...
yoga for sciatica

Yoga for Sciatica + Low Back Pain

My mom recently discovered that she has sciatica. As a yoga teacher, I’ve been vaguely aware of sciatica for a long time, as I’ve had a number of students who suffer from it. With it striking so close to home (and as the world’s biggest mamma’s...
core strength self-confidence

Morning Yoga: Self-Confidence Practice

This post is all about self-confidence. That sexy, alluring trait that can be oh so elusive. A big mistake we make is expecting to feel confident at the start of any venture. An even bigger mistake is succumbing to discouragement when that...

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