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core strength self-confidence

Morning Yoga: Self-Confidence Practice

This post is all about self-confidence. That sexy, alluring trait that can be oh so elusive. A big mistake we make is expecting to feel confident at the start of any venture. An even bigger mistake is succumbing to discouragement when that...
restorative bedtime yoga

Bedtime Yoga: Yoga Tools for Sleep

Last week I jammed on the power of mornings, and today I want to talk about what needs to happen in order to have a magical morning - a good night of sleep. And of course, bedtime yoga. I honestly can’t believe I haven’t written about sleep before....
morning yoga gratitude practice

Morning Yoga: Gratitude Practice

We all know that starting the day with yoga is the best way to start the day. But let’s be real, it’s hard to find the time. That's why this morning yoga gratitude practice is just 15 minutes (ok 18 minutes...this practice is 18 minutes; I just...
forearm stand practice

Forearm Stand Practice: Use Your Energy Wisely

In this practice, we're moving to or towards forearm stand - pincha mayurasana. This is an inversion that requires quite a bit of strength, mobility, and a healthy dose of fearlessness. Most of all, it requires that you use your energy...
self love

Self Love Practice

Let’s talk about self love, shall we? Last week I recorded the 108 sun salutations practice. As I prepared to record, I knew it was going to be a sweaty practice, and that I would be most comfortable in a sports bra and leggings (no shirt). That’s...


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