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June 22, 2019

Image of a young woman in the yoga pose Happy Baby, with text overlay: Summer Solstice Yin Yoga.

We’re doing something a little different for this summer solstice – a yin yoga practice!

The summer solstice also happens to be International Yoga Day. This is such a special day for me because it heralds the coming of my favorite season and celebrates a practice that has done so much for me and my life.

It is common to practice sun salutations on the summer solstice; in fact, many people practice 108 sun salutations! Perhaps you took part in that tradition as well, or perhaps you’ve never heard of this before.

If you want to learn more, I have a few resources for you:

  • The Spring Equinox Guide: To learn more about the significance of the number 108 and why we practice 108 sun salutations at certain times of the year.
    This guide includes a 108 sun salutations practice that is perfect if you’re newer to the practice of 108, as it has many modifications.
  • 6 Ways to Celebrate International Yoga Day: To learn more about this day and how you can celebrate.
  • The Summer Solstice Guide: To learn more about the summer solstice. This guide also includes 108 sun salutations practice, and this one is a bit tougher than the Spring Equinox one (fewer modifications).

Today, I’m bringing you something a little different…it’s a summer solstice yin yoga practice.

Image of a young woman in the yoga pose Happy Baby, with text overlay: Yin Yoga for the Summer Solstice.

While the summer solstice is a time to celebrate action and doing (all those things fueled by our inner fire), it’s also a time to celebrate stillness.

The word solstice means “sun standing still”. On this day, the sun pauses movement on its path before reversing direction.

I’m inviting you to do the same. To take some time for stillness. And in that stillness, to reflect on the first half of the year, and set your intentions for the coming second half.

You’ll want a bolster or pillow, as well as two blocks for this yin yoga practice. And your yoga mat, of course 🙂

One quick note before you dive in – I filmed this class at the beautiful Davannayoga shala in Puerto Vallarta. This is my yoga home; it is where I trained to be a teacher and where I currently teach.

Unfortunately, there is construction going on right across the street right now, so you will hear some banging and construction noise at some points throughout this practice.

I have done my best in editing to minimize it, but there is definitely still some noise. I am so sorry about that and hope that you can still find a place of stillness and peace in this practice.

I’ll meet you on the mat!

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