This is a winter solstice meditation.

The winter solstice marks the first day of winter, but it also marks our transition back towards the light…towards longer, brighter, warmer days (yay!).

On the winter solstice, the sun begins to climb higher into the sky, which has been seen in many cultures as a symbol of rebirth.

The winter solstice, like all of the seasonal shifts, is a powerful time of transformation.

This is the time to acknowledge our dark side, to heal our wounds, release old thought patterns and align with our light and our heartfelt intentions.

Take this time to reflect on the year you’ve had. To decide how you will finish this year, and by extension, how you will bring in the new year.

Join me on the meditation cushion for this winter solstice meditation.

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Seated meditation pose image with text overlay: Winter Solstice Guided Meditation
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