This week I’m inviting you to channel the warrior within. To embrace your yoga warrior on the mat, so that you might awaken your inner warrior off the mat

As you might have guessed, we’ll be practicing a warrior flow in this week’s practice. We’ll be practicing all of the warrior postures – Warriors 1, 2, and 3, Humble Warrior, and Peaceful Warrior. Gang’s all here.

I’ll be inviting you to channel your inner warrior on your mat. To think about what it feels like to stand like a warrior. What it looks like to embody the qualities of a warrior in the poses and with the breath.

But first, what are you warrior for?



I’d like for you to think about this question, and to think about what being a warrior looks like in your life off the mat.

Perhaps you’re a warrior for a cause, like education, healthcare, or civil rights. Being a warrior for you might look like getting involved with organizations that fight for those causes, or getting involved politically to bring about change.

Perhaps you’re a warrior for certain populations, like children, the underprivileged, or the elderly. Being a warrior for you might look like volunteering your time. Showing up for those people; being their voice when they have none, and having their back in the face of adversity.

Perhaps you’re a warrior for certain values, like truth, open-mindedness, or compassion. Being a warrior for you looks like living by those values; instilling them in your children, if you have them; leading by example.


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What are you a warrior for? Channel your inner warrior on the mat in this warrior flow, and awaken the warrior within! #yoga #warriorpose #innerwarrior #yogavideo #wellness #warriorflow #yogawarrior #freeyoga #vinyasa

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The current socio-political climate is calling us all to awaken the warrior within. Whether we know it or not; whether we like it or not, we are all warriors for something. If we believe that we are not warriors for anything in particular, it’s important to know that inaction is action. What we think, say, and do is what we stand for.

Politics is not something we like to talk about in the yoga world, and I get that. Most of us come to our mats seeking solace; a bit of reprieve from everything we are constantly bombarded with in our day-to-day lives.

But the yoga mat is not where we forget about the world. It’s where we prepare for the world.

Our thoughts, words, and actions make an impact on the world around us, whether large or small. We must acknowledge that.

I’m not saying we all have to get out and protest, or register voters, or volunteer hours and hours of our time. But you can choose what to be a warrior for, and you can choose to live your life in a way that fights for that.

So today I invite you to be a yoga warrior on your mat, so that you might awaken your inner warrior off the mat.

Join me and call forth the warrior within.


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