I went to a wonderful yoga class over the weekend, led by a beautiful friend, in which he invited us to think about the things we value.

He used an analogy of a spiritual bank and invited us to envision a stock market ticker – where the stock on the things we value either moves up or down, depending on the energy we give them. Likewise, the stock on the things that maybe don’t serve us also moves up and down.

It got me thinking.

things we value

What do you value?

Getting on my mat and practicing, sitting for meditation every day, making time to connect with people I love…these are things I value tremendously. They can also be difficult to do.

Scrolling through Facebook, watching mindless TV, and having too many drinks on a night out are things that do not serve me, but they’re easy. Often times I go with what’s easy.

How often do we give energy to the things that are easy, rather than the things we value?

No judgment here. Shit happens; life is messy. Sometimes a couple extra drinks are exactly what we need, but it’s important to give some thought to what it is we want to place value on.

Using time with intention

Our time on earth is finite. Moments spent on one thing are moments not spent on others, and if what you choose is 30 minutes of reality TV over 30 minutes of yoga, then by all means choose that. But really choose it. Do so mindfully. Intentionally. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the easy stuff just because it’s easy.

Weigh the scales and appraise the true cost the easy stuff. Ask yourself what you really value. Then evaluate if the energy you’re dedicating to that reflects what it means to you. If it doesn’t, then there’s a disconnect.

Being Mindful of the Things We Value

This is all part of living mindfully. Taking the time to be introspective. Connecting with what’s important to us, and then being aware of when and how we give time and energy to those things.

So how’s your spiritual bank looking? How many value deposits have you made recently? Have things that don’t serve you increased in stock? How is the stock on the things that you value?

I invite you to share in the comments if you feel called to.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, please drop them in the comments below or shoot me an email 😃