June 2, 2018

office yoga

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Office yoga might sound a little nuts, but if you spend all day sitting at a desk, then trust me, you need this!

I did a couple stints of office life after college, neither of which lasted too long before I went running in the opposite direction. Sitting in a cubicle or office all day just isn’t the life for me. I much preferred being a nanny, constantly on the move, over sitting all day. Even if the sitting earned me more money.

I am fortunate enough now to have a life where I can work from wherever I want, which means I work from home. So my yoga mat is always within eyesight of my desk and I try to remember to step on it and stretch periodically throughout my day. I don’t have coworkers and their opinions to worry about, and I can spend my day in my leggings (which I do…yoga pants fo’ life!)

But the truth is, I still spend a lot of the day sitting in my chair. And I remember (not too fondly) what it was like to sit in an open or shared space, surrounded by people at all times. That’s why I created this office yoga class.

This class is for the desk-dwellers. For those of you held prisoner by your chairs and desks. For all of us who spend too much time hunched over devices (and I do mean all of us).

You can follow along with the images below (join the email list and I’ll send you a downloadable pdf that you can put up in your cube or office!), or scroll all the way to the bottom and follow along with the video.

Take these next 15 minutes for you. Breathe long and deep. Stretch your muscles. Settle the mind. Welcome to your office yoga break.


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Prefer an office yoga video? Hit play here:

Now, how do you feel? A bit more rejuvenated? A bit less tense? Ready to take on the rest of your day?

I sure hope so.

Please comment down below with how you found this class. Let me know if it made a difference in your day, and if you felt comfortable doing it at work!

Until next time, my office yoga friend ❤️


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I am a yoga teacher who focuses on bridging the gap between what happens on the mat and life off the mat. Yoga is life – it is meant to be lived!

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