March 17, 2017

Mountain Pose

“Highlight on…” is a series of yoga tutorials, taking an in-depth look at various yoga postures and breathing techniques. These will offer step-by-step instructions, and help to give you an idea of what to feel for in each pose or breath exercise. If you’re new to yoga and meditation, this is a great place to start your journey; if you’re a seasoned yogi, it’s always nice to revisit the fundamentals. Our first tutorial: Tadasana, Mountain Pose.

Tadasana: Mountain Pose

From the Sanskrit words tada (mountain) and asana (posture, or seat), Mountain Pose embodies stability and foundation. The even stance of Mountain Pose – the firmly grounded, steady base, and the lengthened spine that reaches skyward – sets the tone for practice. When we stand in Tadasana, we are equally grounded and rising; our base is firm, yet we reach upward.

We will set up the pose from the bottom up:

  • Stand tall with your big toes touching, heels slightly apart
  • Lift all ten toes off the ground and feel how that activates the outer shins, calves, and arches of the feet; spread the toes and place them back down without losing this activation (like your feet are suction cups)
  • Pull your kneecaps up towards your hips to activate the quadriceps
  • Pretend there is a block between your thighs and gently squeeze it (if you have a block handy, give it a try!)
  • Pull your pubic bone up towards your navel – this will mimic the action of tucking your tailbone without activating your glutes – keep the glutes relaxed
  • Lift your sternum up towards the sky, then bring your floating ribs towards each other
  • Gently pull your shoulder blades towards each other; keep the shoulders relaxed and away from your ears
  • Activate your biceps and triceps with your arms at your sides, palms facing your thighs
  • Bring your chin parallel with the ground, the gaze straight ahead
  • Breathe
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