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April 14, 2019

Image of a young woman in the yoga pose ‘pigeon pose’, with text overlay: Morning Yoga for a Stress-Free Day.

A couple of weeks ago, we explored how movement can help to dissipate stress that’s already in our bodies with a yoga for stress relief class. This week, we’re taking a preemptive approach, and we’ll explore how some morning yoga and intention-setting can help set us up for a(n almost) stress-free day.

I’m a firm believer in the power of mornings. I think that how we start our day is how we’ll go through the day. So if you start your day from a place of calm, then you’re more likely to go through your day calmly. If you start your day from a place of stress…yep, you guessed it…you’re more likely to go through your day feeling stressed

I find this to be incredibly empowering. We all have the power to choose how our day will unfold. Setting your morning intentions is one way to do that.

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We’ve learned that stress arises in the body as a reaction to stressors – events or situations that require a change or adjustment on our part. Stressors are always going to be present in our lives. hen we’ve resolved one, another will pop up, and the nature of our stressors will change as we evolve and change. Such is life.

But we are not powerless. With mindfulness, we are able to become more aware of our own thoughts and feelings, and we can give ourselves the space to respond to stressors more intentionally.

Setting intentions is one way to live mindfully; to ensure that we are actively living the life that we want, rather than just going through the motions.

Living mindfully requires that we check in with ourselves throughout the day. How am I feeling? Is this serving me?

Setting morning intentions takes this one step further because it gives us a reference point for our periodic check-ins. If I know that I want to channel a certain energy throughout my day (kindness, gratitude, calm), then when I check in with myself, I can inquire as to whether I’m living in line with that intention.

Aligning our attention with our intention is the key, and in order to do that, we have to set those intentions to begin with. The morning is the perfect time to do just that. Morning intentions allow us to meet ourselves where we are, and to live each day with more purpose, rather than on autopilot.

And a morning yoga practice is a great way to combine your morning intention-setting with some movement!

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Image of a young woman in the yoga pose ‘pigeon pose’, with text overlay: Stress Awareness Month. Morning Yoga for a Stress-Free Day.
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Starting the day with a yoga practice is a beautiful way to set your morning intentions, as well as prepare your body for the day. And it doesn’t have to take very long – the practice below is just 17 minutes!

In this practice, we’ll come into a mindful breath and focus on the sense of calm this elicits. We’ll move the body intentionally and mindfully, and practice coming back to that place of calm throughout.

My invitation to you is to take this place of calm off your mat and into your day. To check in with yourself as your day unfolds, and ask yourself “Am I responding to this from a place of calm?” Allow yourself to embody a sense of peace so deeply rooted that nothing can shake it.

You ready for a stress-free day? I’ll meet you on the mat!

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