Morning Magic Yoga Challenge: Mindfulness, Setting Intentions, Morning Yoga

morning magic



7 days of intention-setting + mindful living

Are you ready to live your life from a place of intention?

Welcome, beautiful soul, you have arrived in the right place. 

Morning Magic is a seven day yoga challenge that will guide you in starting your days with mindfulness.

Throughout this journey we will start each morning by setting intentions for the day, and sharing movement and breath in a morning yoga practice.

What's included in this Morning Magic journey?

  • 7+ days of curated content

  • 7 morning yoga classes
    (10-20 min. each)

  • 1 intention-setting guided meditation
  • 1 calming pranayama practice
  • Challenge calendar for daily reflection + accountability

  • Daily emails to set each day's intention

meet your guide

Hey there, I’m Natalie, your Morning Magic guide and personal at-home yoga teacher.

I may be guiding this experience, but I’m on this journey just as much as you are. The journey to a more mindful life. The journey to using my attention with intention. The journey to being my best self.

My years of practice have taught me that the way I start my morning has a major impact on how the rest of my day unfolds. When I take the time to start my day with intention, I have a much more mindful day; one where my inner peace is much more enduring. When I don’t...well, my days are more scattered; my inner peace more fleeting.

If you want to join this mindfulness journey and start your days from a place of intention with morning yoga + meditation, then this is your chance.

Click the link below - your magical mornings await you!