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December 30, 2018

Image of seated meditation pose with text overlay: Intentional Living in the New Year

If you’ve been reading my blog and practicing yoga with me for a little while, then you probably know that I’m all about intentional living. As we prepare to welcome a new year, I invite you to set a powerful intention, like a sankalpa, rather than New Year’s resolutions this year.

There’s nothing wrong with New Year’s resolutions, but I find that they tend to be a bit shallow. Whereas heartfelt intentions have a depth to them.

This kind of heartfelt intention is known as a sankalpa in the practice of yoga nidra. The word sankalpa is often translated as a resolution or desire, but truthfully, it goes deeper than what I believe those words to convey.

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A sankalpa is something that you wish, in the depths of your heart, to see come to fruition in your life.

You can set a sankalpa for your yoga nidra practice specifically, or you can set one for your life, more generally. The transition point between one year and the next is the perfect time to do this.

Your Sankalpa can be anything you want it to be, but it helps to make it a simple, clear, one-sentence statement. I invite you to look at it as adding to your already perfect life; not something you need to achieve in order to be fulfilled.

Using the present tense allows your subconscious to see this statement as already true. Some examples are “I am love” “I am abundant” “I am healthy and whole” “I have all that I need” “I am enough”.

The idea behind a sankalpa is that you set it, and keep it until it takes effect in your life.  If you use one and it doesn’t sit right, feel free to change it, but try to find one that you can stick with until it comes to fruition.

What’s the point of setting these intentions? Well, I believe it to be one of the keys to a happy, fulfilled life.

Intentional living is what allows us to live our lives on purpose, rather than on autopilot. And setting powerful intentions is key to intentional living.

So I’m inviting you to set a sankalpa for the new year. Allow your sankalpa to come to you naturally. There’s no need to force it.

As you think about this coming year, allow yourself to visualize the year unfolding. See the things you will do, the people you will interact with, the goals you will achieve.

As you see this vision of your year before you, take note of any thoughts, words, images, or colors that arise.

Create your intention out of these elements. And when you have your intention ready, hit play below and join me on the meditation cushion.

I’ll meet you on there.

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Image of seated meditation pose with text overlay: Intentional Living in the New Year. Forget New Year's Resolutions. Set Powerful Intentions.
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