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July 12, 2019

Image of a young woman in the yoga pose Cobra pose, with text overlay: Down Dog Days of Summer. Heart Opening Hatha.

Welcome to the second installment of the Down Dog Days of Summer!

You may know that we are in the midst of eclipse season – last week, we experienced a solar eclipse on the night of the new moon, and we’ve got a partial lunar eclipse coming up on the full moon this week.

Plus, Mercury is retrograde once again, so all in all, things might feel a little crazy.

Eclipses are known to bring about change and to rock our lives in sometimes unexpected ways.

And when Mercury retrogrades, elements in the realms of analytical thinking, expression of ideas, and the processing of information can go a bit haywire. This can have an ungrounding effect on many of us. To learn more about Mercury Retrograde, check out the blog post below.

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These are the kinds of times that I find two things very helpful – grounding and centering in the heart.

Grounding helps me connect to the here now, and the heart space connects me to my truest self. 

So that no matter what change comes my way, or what goes haywire outside of me, within, I can stay cool, calm, and collected (mostly).

So this week’s Down Dog Days of Summer practice is a gentle heart opening hatha class. In invite you to find a place of groundedness at the same time as you connect to and open heart center.

Breathing in love, and breathing out love.

You’ll want two blocks for this practice, so go ahead and grab those.

I’ll meet you on the mat!

Image of a young woman in the yoga pose Cobra pose, with text overlay: Down Dog Days of Summer. Heart Opening Hatha Yoga.
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