This week in Roaming Yogi land, we’re continuing to align our practices with the cycle of the moon. That brings us to the full moon this week. We’ll be aligning with full moon energy in a full moon yoga practice and guided meditation!

If you’ve been following along, then you know that two weeks ago, we set our intentions at the new moon and stated those intentions to the Universe. This week, at the full moon, we really get to work in manifesting those intentions. Full moon energy is waiting to be harnessed, directed, and utilized to make our dreams a reality.

Last week, at the first quarter moon, we started to take action on our intentions; and we possibly started to come up against some obstacles or challenges as we did that work. These initial blocks or barriers might make it feel like manifesting our intentions is impossible. We may have even forgotten about our intentions, letting them fall by the wayside as day-to-day life took over (as it does).

You may be feeling unsure about next steps; a bit lost in terms of what to do in order to bring your visions to reality. This is all 100% normal and all part of the process of creating your very best life.

That’s where the full moon comes in. Full moon energy encourages us to let go of anything that does not serve our dreams. This gives us the space to integrate new energies or habits that do. This helps to give us direction as we continue to work on manifesting our ideal lives.

What’s Happening in the Sky

If you recall the new moon post, we talked about how the sun and the moon are together in the sky at the new moon. Well, at the full moon, they are opposite each other, with the earth right in the middle.

This opposition creates a vibration that we all feel here on earth. Even the animals feel it – that’s why wolves howl at the moon! You might experience some insomnia at the full moon, which is likely caused by the excess light during this phase – that full moon is bright!

The opposition of the moon and the sun means that their gravitational pulls affect the earth on opposing sides. This can make us feel as though we are being pulled in opposite directions. This can cause us to feel a bit emotional and kinda’ crazy, to be completely honest. This is where the word “lunatic” comes from – because of the behaviors seen and experienced on or around the full moon.

I don’t know that there’s any hard science to back up the increased emotions and general craziness felt around the full moon, but I know I’ve felt it.

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Image of a young woman in a standing yoga pose in front of the ocean and sunrise with text overlay: Align With the Energy of The Full Moon. Full Moon Yoga Practice.
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New Moon Vinyasa to Let Go

During any full moon, we want to make sure that we move our bodies. There’s a lot of extra energy running through us at this time. It’s important to give it a place to go, so it does not become stagnant.

As such, this week’s full moon yoga practice is a fairly fiery vinyasa flow. We’ll build some heat, helping us to burn up all that is no longer serving us in our lives so that we can then let them go; making space for all of the potential and opportunity that awaits us.

You’ll want one or two yoga blocks for this practice. So go ahead and grab your props, unroll your mat, and I’ll meet you there for our full moon yoga flow.


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