Today’s post and practice are your fall season invitation to let go. We are well into the fall season, and just as the trees are starting to shed their leaves, the fall yoga class below is the perfect opportunity to practice letting go.

Letting go is a common yoga class theme because yoga is a transformational practice. And in order for transformation to happen, something must die, so to speak – we must let something go.

In the space left behind, there is room for something new to grow and blossom.

So it is in the fall season. We see that the trees shed their leaves, dropping them peacefully to the ground, making space to replenish and grow new leaves in the coming spring.

You never see a tree stubbornly holding on to its leaves for fear of needing them next year. Trees are the ultimate exemplars of non-attachment.

Yet how many of us hold on to old clutter in our lives because we fear we might need it someday?


Be Like a Tree: Fall Yoga to Let Go

The fall season is the time for us to make like a tree and let go – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Are you holding on to any old keepsakes, old relationships, old grudges, old clothes?

Only when we give ourselves permission to release these material items, negative emotions, and unhealthy relationships, can we open ourselves up to all that the Universe has in store for us. And the Universe has so much in store!

We won’t be prepared for the growth and blossoming of spring if we’re clutching our old leaves all winter. My invitation to you is to channel your inner tree. To inquire within and ask yourself what you can let go of this fall season.

Make a commitment to yourself this season to let go of at least one item, one thought, one grudge that is no longer serving you and is no longer needed in your life. And in the space that’s left behind, what will you embrace?

Set your intention and join me on the mat.

The fall season is a time to let go. As the trees shed their leaves, graciously letting them fall away, we too can practice letting go. This fall yoga practice is the perfect opportunity to do just that! #yoga #yogavideo #fallyoga #letgo #lettinggo