Today’s class is is a 10 minute morning yoga class, perfect for those busy days (perhaps like today) when you might be short on time.

By no means do you have to practice this class in the morning, but as it’s just 10 minutes, I think it’s ideal for the morning. Please feel free to practice this whenever fits in your day.

I know the curse of being super busy, and feeling like I just don’t have the time to focus on me. As though doing so would be selfish and non-productive.

The thing is, I’m much more productive and a much more positive force in this world when I do take time for me.

The same goes for you.

Take the time to feed your soul because it needs fuel too. Just as your physical body needs sustenance, so does your energy body.

That doesn’t have to look like hours of massages and pedicures and yoga classes. I do encourage you to make the time for things like that if you are able because they’re wonderful, but that’s not needed.

In the midst of busy days, when you’re short on time and feel like you can’t make time for yourself, remember that it doesn’t have to be long or drawn out or complicated.

It can be as short as three minutes to sit down, close your eyes, and breathe consciously.

It can be as simple as leaving your phone in the other room while you savor your morning coffee.

It can be easy as an extra long hug with someone you love.

These little acts feed your soul in small increments…like snacks. Soul snacks!

So for today, I’ve prepared a little soul snack for you. If you’re having a busy day…if you’re short on time…if you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed…

Take just ten minutes for this 10 minute morning yoga flow.

Your body, mind, and soul will thank you 🙂

I’ll meet you on the mat.

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